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Even Responsible Finance, Inc. (fka Yett, Inc.) gives you a consistent paycheck every week, no matter how many hours you got this week. Even does this by setting aside a little bit of money for you in good weeks, and by giving you interest-free credit in bad weeks. Learn more
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Even.com is a financial technology startup that focuses on providing financial wellness solutions for both employers and employees. The company operates in the financial benefits market, offering a platform that helps employees manage their money more effectively and access their earned wages before payday. This service is known as Earned Wage Access (EWA), which allows employees to get a portion of their earned wages on demand, rather than waiting for the traditional payday.

Even.com primarily serves employers who want to offer their employees better financial benefits and tools to manage their finances. By partnering with companies, Even.com integrates its platform into the employer's payroll system, making it easy for employees to access their wages and manage their money through the Even app. This app includes features such as Instapay, which allows for immediate access to earned wages, and automatic savings plans to help employees save money effortlessly.

The business model of Even.com is based on a subscription service where employers pay a fee to offer this financial wellness benefit to their employees. This fee can be seen as an investment in employee satisfaction and retention, as financial stress is a significant factor in employee turnover. By providing tools that help employees manage their finances better, employers can create a more stable and satisfied workforce.

Even.com makes money through these employer subscriptions and possibly through additional services offered within the app, such as premium features for employees who want more advanced financial management tools.

In summary, Even.com is a financial benefits platform that helps employees access their earned wages on demand and manage their money more effectively, while also providing employers with a tool to improve employee satisfaction and retention.

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