Inclined Technologies

Inclined Technologies

A financial technology company that helps policyholders enhance the value of their life insurance policies. Learn more

Launch date
Market cap
Net debt
Enterprise valuation
$60—90m ( estimates Sep 2022.)
Brentwood California (HQ)



Revenues, earnings & profits over time
% growth-155 %
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Early VC


Series A
Total Funding$19.0m

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Edit is a financial services startup that operates in the life insurance market. The company provides a unique service known as the Inclined Line of Credit (iLOC), which allows policyholders to unlock the cash value of their whole life insurance policies. This service is particularly beneficial for policyholders who need liquidity but do not want to withdraw or borrow against their policies directly, which can be costly.

Inclined's primary clients are financial advisors who can introduce the iLOC to their clients as a fast and flexible way of accessing liquidity. The company has an Advisor Portal where financial advisors can learn more about the service and introduce their clients to Inclined. The clients, who are policyholders, can then accept the invitation to apply online.

Inclined's business model is based on providing a service that is both convenient and cost-effective. The company makes money by charging interest on the line of credit provided to the policyholders. The process of establishing a line of credit, making draws on it, and paying it off is designed to be easy and smooth, which adds to the appeal of the service.

Currently, Inclined supports policies from Guardian, Northwestern Mutual, and MassMutual, but the company is rapidly expanding to include more carriers. The minimum line of credit that can be underwritten varies depending on the state of residence of the policyholder, ranging from $5,000 to $25,000.

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