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$580—870m (Dealroom.co estimates Sep 2022.)
New York City New York (HQ)



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Series A
Total Funding$145m

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OptoInvest is a tech-driven private markets investment solution designed specifically for the wealth management community. The company operates in the private markets sector, serving fiduciaries with a platform that simplifies the investment process in private credit, private equity, real estate, venture capital, and more.

OptoInvest's business model is unique in that it aligns its incentives with its clients. The company invests its own capital in the deals it offers on its platform and does not receive compensation from fund managers. This approach ensures that the company's interests are directly tied to the success of its clients' investments.

The company's platform is designed to improve investment outcomes and client experiences. It offers expertly curated investments and the ability to build fully-customized solutions for fiduciaries. The platform also features intelligent workflows and a user-friendly design that minimizes paperwork and saves time, thereby enhancing the client experience.

OptoInvest also provides long-term, hands-on guidance throughout the investment lifecycle. The company develops long-term partnerships with its clients, offering support and access to differentiated opportunities to help them build smarter private markets portfolios.

In addition, OptoInvest's platform handles all aspects of portfolio construction, client communication, and investment lifecycle management. The company's network of top-tier private markets investors and allocators provides frequent, timely, and actionable advice.

In terms of revenue, OptoInvest makes money by charging its clients for the use of its platform and the services it provides.

Keywords: Private Markets, Wealth Management, Fiduciaries, Private Credit, Private Equity, Real Estate, Venture Capital, Investment Lifecycle Management, Portfolio Construction, Client Communication.

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