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Edit is a comprehensive financial management platform designed to streamline and simplify expense tracking for businesses. The platform consolidates all invoices, expenses, approvals, and spending decisions into a single, user-friendly interface. This allows businesses to have real-time visibility on transactions, set spending limits, and automate expense claims, thereby saving time and increasing efficiency.'s primary offering is its corporate card, which can be both virtual for online purchases and physical, running on the Mastercard network. This card provides flexibility for teams while ensuring security and control for business owners. It also integrates seamlessly with existing ERP systems, further enhancing its utility.

The platform is designed to serve a wide range of businesses, from online headhunting companies and management consultancies to e-commerce innovators and ad agencies. It enables these businesses to manage their subscriptions, automate invoice payments, and monitor marketing spend, all from one place. This not only simplifies workflows but also provides unique real-time insights into clients' habits and spending patterns. operates on a subscription model, charging a monthly fee per card user. The first two card users are free, with each additional user costing 29AED per month. This makes it an affordable solution for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to better manage their finances.

In summary, is a powerful, all-in-one spend management platform that helps businesses control their finances, empower their teams, and focus on growth.

Keywords: Expense Management, Financial Platform, Corporate Card, Real-Time Visibility, Spending Control, Invoice Automation, Subscription Management, ERP Integration, Small Business Solution, Spend Optimization.

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