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Revenues, earnings & profits over time
% growth--164 %94 %(4 %)57 %(33 %)
% EBITDA margin-----(127 %)-
% profit margin100 %(358 %)(144 %)(82 %)(196 %)(185 %)-
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Series A


Series B


Support Program


Valuation: $415m

21.8x EV/LTM Revenues

Series B


Valuation: $1.0b

27.1x EV/LTM Revenues

Series C


Valuation: $1.0b

28.1x EV/LTM Revenues

Late VC


Valuation: $2.7b

76.0x EV/LTM Revenues

Series D
Total Funding$560m

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ThoughtMachine is a fintech startup that offers a modern core banking and payments platform, known as Vault, hosted in the cloud. The company caters to banks, providing them with the tools and flexibility to create and manage any financial product or payment scheme they desire.

The Vault platform is split into two main components: Vault Core and Vault Payments. Vault Core is a cloud-native core banking platform that allows banks to choose their hosting option and provider. It offers a Product Library with over 200 preconfigured financial products, but also allows banks to create their own unique offerings.

Vault Payments, on the other hand, is a payments processing platform that supports all payment types, methods, schemes, and regions. It integrates new and existing financial products into the payment platform, giving clients complete control over the payment’s life cycle.

ThoughtMachine's business model revolves around providing these cloud-based services to banks. They generate revenue by charging banks for the use of their platform and services. The company's products are built from scratch, without any legacy or pre-cloud code, ensuring they are fully optimized for cloud functionality.

The platform is designed with an API-first architecture, which allows banks to connect to services and technologies from other vendors. This, combined with a rich library of pre-integrated solutions and pre-configured smart contracts, enables banks to quickly launch their products.

In summary, ThoughtMachine provides a flexible, cloud-based platform that empowers banks to create, manage, and control their own financial products and payment schemes.

Keywords: Fintech, Core Banking, Payments Platform, Cloud-Based, Vault Core, Vault Payments, API-First Architecture, Smart Contracts, Financial Products, Payment Schemes.

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