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$44—66m ( estimates Dec 2023.)
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Tres Finance is a pioneering startup focused on providing comprehensive financial management solutions for Web3 assets. The company caters primarily to finance teams within organizations, offering tools that enable seamless financial workflows such as reconciliation (matching transactions to ensure accuracy), balance calculation, audit, and reporting for Web3 assets. Tres Finance operates in the rapidly evolving Web3 market, which includes blockchain-based assets and decentralized finance (DeFi) activities.

The core offering of Tres Finance is its financial data lake, which aggregates and monitors data from various blockchain networks and DeFi protocols. This ensures 100% data integrity, meaning all data is accurate and reliable. The platform serves as a single source of truth for organizations, providing multi-level data clustering and enrichment to give a clear view of financial assets.

Tres Finance's business model revolves around providing subscription-based access to its platform. Clients, which include treasury teams, DeFi analysts, and executive-level finance teams, pay for the ability to monitor their assets in one view, analyze historical balances, performance, exposure, and risk. The platform also offers an enterprise-grade DeFi dashboard for detailed analysis of DeFi positions and an executive overview of the company's financial status.

The company makes money by offering these services on a subscription basis, allowing clients to export data in various formats for audit, tax, and other financial analyses. This flexibility and comprehensive data management make Tres Finance an invaluable tool for organizations dealing with Web3 assets.

In summary, Tres Finance provides an all-in-one financial management solution for Web3 assets, ensuring data integrity and offering detailed financial insights for finance teams and executives.

Keywords: Web3, DeFi, financial management, data integrity, reconciliation, balance calculation, audit, reporting, financial workflows, subscription-based.