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Launch date
Market cap
Net debt
Enterprise valuation
$80—120m ( estimates Feb 2022.)
Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Emirate (HQ)
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HubPay is a financial technology startup that operates in the international payments sector. The company provides a platform for businesses to make international payments and collect funds globally. It supports transactions in over 85 currencies, making it a versatile solution for businesses with international operations. HubPay's clients are primarily businesses that need to pay suppliers, partners, and employees in different countries, or collect funds from customers across the world.

The company operates under a 3C license from the Abu Dhabi Global Market, ensuring strict risk and compliance processes. This means that HubPay adheres to high standards of financial regulation, providing assurance to its clients about the safety of their funds. The company uses robust payment infrastructure and 2-factor security, which adds an extra layer of protection for users' accounts.

HubPay's business model is likely based on charging fees for currency conversion and international transactions. While the exact pricing isn't specified, the company does mention costs to convert currencies, suggesting that this is one way it generates revenue.

The company has a global presence, with payment specialists located in London, Dubai, Nigeria, and Pakistan. This international footprint allows HubPay to understand and cater to the needs of businesses operating in different markets around the world.

In summary, HubPay is a regulated fintech company that provides a secure platform for businesses to make and receive international payments in multiple currencies.

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