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Edit is a fintech startup that offers a buy now, pay later (BNPL) service. This service allows customers to split their purchases into four interest-free payments, both online and in-store. The company operates in the retail market, catering to consumers who prefer to spread out their payments over time without incurring additional costs.'s business model is based on partnerships with retailers. When a customer chooses to use Tabby at checkout, the retailer receives the full payment upfront from Tabby, while the customer repays Tabby in four equal installments. This model benefits both the customer, who avoids interest and fees, and the retailer, who can potentially increase sales by offering a flexible payment option.

In addition to its BNPL service, also offers a feature called Tabby Shop, which allows users to discover and track hundreds of thousands of items from various brands in one place. The platform also provides daily updates on deals and coupons, including exclusive offers for Tabby users.

Furthermore, has introduced the Tabby Card, a payment card that allows users to use the Pay in 4 service anywhere VISA is accepted. This card further enhances the flexibility and convenience of the company's services.'s services are Shariah-compliant, meaning they adhere to Islamic law, which prohibits charging interest. This makes the company particularly appealing in markets with a significant Muslim population.

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